The Decalogue Murders

Location: New Orleans - 2005

    Ademena Ribend, is very successful artist of “Christian” themed art which evokes upbeat and optimistic emotions in her clients.  She is currently struggling with a drought of creativity and lost in faith in her Religion (Christianity), following the devastation of New Orleans from Katrina.  During the subsequent flooding, Adem’s mother who was in intensive care at the hospital, perished while the hospital waited for assistance to evacuate the critically ill.  Adem also looses her home, art studio and all her paintings.Her friend and gallery owner Tracey Smith is pressing her to get back to work and put her self doubts behind her.  

With a major gallery show looming a year away, she stops into a new wave/alternative thought shop recommended to her by Tracey, to pick up some incense tea and get a tarot card reading. Hoping this will help her dispel her growing feelings of gloom.

During the reading, everything goes hazy on Adem as she dozes off and has a very strange dream.  Upon awakening, she finds herself seated in an empty store completely devoid of any fixtures, merchandise or people.  Her clothes are in disarray and a large Cross tattoo has been added to her body in a very intimate location. 

Soon after the murders begin....
Coming -  June 2010