Ruby is the 20 year old daughter of adventurer/treasure seeker,Jack Tuesday.

Jack's company does deep water recovery of old shipwrecked treasures. Ruby joins her father's current expedition while on a spring break from college.

While diving in the infamous “Bermuda triangle” off the Caribbean for a ship only mentioned in legends. The ship allegedly belonged to a very rich and powerful Spanish merchant who was also rumored to be a Warlock. On one of her dives, Ruby finds signs of a wrecked ship.

Subsequent dives reveals a sunken galleon with large chests of treasure in the hold and a small cabin. still intact after all these years, with runes and occult symbols inscribed on all the walls and doors.

Ruby is surprised to find even with the door open, this single room is dry, the waters of the Carribean stopping at the threshold. Stepping inside she cautiously removes her breathing masks and begins to choke on the carbon dioxide filling the room and promptly replaces her breather.

There is a well preserved body sitting in a luxurious chair, a gold chain with a small gold cross around its neck.
Clutched in one hand is a small intricately carved box. Ruby finds a large jewel chest sitting on round carved table next to the chair.

Looking inside the box, Ruby sees it is almost empty, save for what looks like small pea sized blackened stones.

As the treasures are being brought back to her father’s ship, she shows him her other discoveries (the cross and carved box) and asks to keep these as historical souvenirs.

Her father, feeling there is little monetary value in the box, the cross or the chest filled with the small black pebbles, agrees. (Ruby would later get her percentage of the recovered treasure’s value – leaving her wealthy.)

Returning to school later, that month, she begins doing further research on the legend of this lost Spanish ship and its owner. While doing a search on she finds an old used manuscript about the wizard merchant for sale and orders it.

In the manuscript there are numerous drawings of both the chest and the box. One such drawing shows a false bottom in the chest which Ruby discovers and opens. Inside are ancient parchments which have instructions for casting several spells that are written in Spanish.

Translating the parchments, Ruby attempts to cast the first spell, described as an unlocking spell.

Placing the small carved box in a pentagram made of black sand, surrounded by a triangle of thirteen black candles, she recites the incantation. After several minutes, she begins to laugh at herself as nothing appeared to happen.

Picking up the box and preparing to clear the black sand off the table, she notices a small new indentation on the side of the box, in the shape of a cross.

A flash of inspiration hits Ruby and she takes the cross she recovered from the wreck, which she has worn since that day and places it in the indentation. It fits perfectly!

Slowly,pieces of wood that make up the cube begin to move and an cavity is revealed within the cube, Inside is a large black rough cut stone similar (though much bigger) than the black pebbles in the recovered chest.

Recalling seeing a drawing and reference to such a stone on another parchment, she locates it and reads a spell called “activation”. Watching in fascination, she sees the black stone begins to become engulfed in thick black smoke.

Mere seconds later, a strong gust of wind from nowhere, blows away the smoke to reveal the largest, most perfectly cut blue diamond, Ruby has ever seen. Upon touching the jewel, Ruby feels a tingle similar to touching a live electrical wire, as a vision of a location resembling the site of her father’s next recovery mission flashes before her.

Recounting her experience to her father, he follows the directions in her “vision” and finds the treasure exactly where she saw it. Several months, while examining a jewel (friend’s engagement ring?) she touches the jewel, several hours later, when the owner goes to look at the jewel, it is missing and in its place, is a small black pebble.

Ruby also discovers by accident that she has a super power (what?) but when she tries to replicate that power later it is gone. She wonders if she imagined the incident.

(Develop several story lines of her discovering the source of the powers- confusion ensues as different powers manifest and last for different lengths of time.) Ruby is accused of stealing her friends jewel from ring? She is arrested but released for lack of evidence – (could become a theme as jewels are transmuted during her experimentations with learning the source of her powers). Ruby finally connects the “vision” of treasure and the jolt when touching the blue diamond (which has reverted to looking like a large unremarkable black stone) and the beginning of her powers. She realizes this is a way to obtain the gems without breaking laws or causing financial loss to others.

(Note: Ruby realizes the former owner had used the powers given by the diamond to use many of his treasures available in his cabin to create a sealed environment and block the ocean from flooding the cabin of his sinking ship damaged during a storm. He unfortunately, miscalculated how many gems the force field power would require. All the gems in his cabin were destroyed with the use of that power, leaving him unable to gain the power to escape his cabin and swim to the surface without drowning. He would die of asphyxiation when the oxygen trapped in the cabin ran out as he desperately sought a way to get the other gems stored in the lower deck of the ship. The power he used because of the strength and quantity of gems, remains in place as Ruby discovers the cabin. The field prevents water from coming in but allows humans to pass.)