Character goes to sleep at night, only to wake up in a different city (no set pattern or time frame). When in the new city he assumes the life of another person, keeping full cognizance of his identity and life. He is “sent” to these cities to find/affect something that could have serious repercussions in the future. The hero awakens with a vague understanding of the person he is replacing's life. He augments his understanding and knowledge of the actions to be taken whenever he looks into a mirror.

When he looks into the mirror, he does not see his reflection but the reflection of the person he has replaces and is able to hold conversations with that person. ( The person’s consious is trapped in heo's body and the hero's wife (partner?) must keep the transfered person calm and sane during this period of temporal exchange.) The exchange can last anywhere from a couple of hours to weeks. Hero must find a “key” that will return him back to his existence – depending on the complexity of the “assignment” there is a deadline and failure to accomplish before the deadline will result in either death for both people or the “switched” person’s identity returns their own body but the hero becomes and amnesiac with loss of all knowledge of identity (note:is there a way to cure this?).

(Context of story – There are two “supreme” intelligences in our know existence. One is known as the Singular, the other is known as Entropy, each the opposing exostence of the other. The hero is contacted in his mind while praying by an entity claiming to be an angel of the Singular. The angel tells a story of how the Singular was all before the universe was created and that Entropy attacked the Singular and “exploded” the Singular into an incalculable number of pieces creating the known universe and all it’s parts (atoms, electrons and the laws of physics. The nature of the universe as seen through the forces of energy: magnetism, gravity, etc is to try to coalesce again back into the natural state of the Singular. Part of this effort to recombine is the DNA of all living things. Our hero has been chosen to this role of “mindslip” to protect certain lines of DNA that are deemed crucial to the effort to recreate the Singular. According to this angel, once the Singular is on the cusp of coalescing, the “rapture” as it is known in many religions will happen and all souls will be rejoicing in Heaven.

Unknown to the hero is the truth that Singular and Entropy are counter balancing forces and should either gain an advantage all life as we know it will cease to exist – with no afterlife. Entropy through its agents is always seeking to prevent the rejoining of the key components necessary for Singular to be “whole”.